Community-based Training

Community-based Training is considered a way to develop the concepts being taught by connecting them to personal, first-hand experiences and familiar, accessible examples. In this way, community-based learning is an alternative to more traditional forms of learning with advantages in improvement knowledge retention, skill acquisition, and preparation for life because participants can be given more opportunities apply learning in practical, real-life settings.

The CWWPP has been provided educational programs in villages with the aim of empowering participants to take proactive roles in their communities. The objective of the Program is to improve the amount and quality of mental health care available in Eastern Slavonia, with a special focus on the marginalized and vulnerable population and is strongly oriented towards their needs. It aims to improve social integration and prevent trauma transmission, with the provision of services for domestic violence, for children and youth, for those contemplating suicide, for the elderly, for torture victims, for former soldiers, and for other groups.

We are continuing our long-term concentration on education, notably with the Sensitization/Public Education Program and Pragmatic Empowerment Training (PET).