Get Involved with the CWWPP

Working with the CWWPP

The CWWPP is a voluntary organization. Until now, we have had only volunteers and no “workers” as such. Sometimes, we reimburse costs.

Volunteering with the CWWPP

International Volunteers – Onsite
Because of the complexity of the area in which we work and the issues with which we work, in general, we require volunteers to work with us for a minimum period of two years. We also require that they have learned the language and culture before they arrive. Further, we ask that only people who are serious about spending most of their time working apply. We are quite busy and have no time for people who are here primarily to satisfy their own needs. In this regard, please see the sections on visiting the CWWPP and on interns and students elsewhere on this website.

As our funding now stands, we cannot afford to pay any of the costs of volunteers. We thus ask that volunteers find funding from other sources. Once a person has been accepted as a volunteer, we will, of course, write any letters required. Obviously, we also will assist with finding housing, etc. once the person arrives.

The application procedure involves a written application, several Skype conversations, a medical examination at the applicant’s expense, and the submission of references. We also require that people be able to obtain an appropriate visa easily.

While, on the one hand, we welcome volunteers, we are quite busy and must be convinced that the person truly will make a contribution to our work.

International Volunteers – Online
There are a number of tasks that can be done online. Notable among these are fundraising, research, and publicity about the issues and regions with which we work. We also welcome inquiries from people and groups wishing online and blended education and supervision. Please the sections on these in the “Our Work” section of this website for more details. If you are interested in online volunteering, please send us an email (see the Contact Us) telling us what you want to do and how much time you have. Most likely, we will have a Skype conversation with you.

Local Volunteers
Local volunteers, that is, people living in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina should contact us by e-mail. If you are close by, we will have a face-to-face conversation with you. If not, we will arrange a Skype conversation.

We specifically welcome the formation of local networks within the region. If you wish to have an educational, supervision, or discussion group, please contact us.

Other Types of Involvement

Financial contributions are always welcome. Please see the “Support Us” section.

If you have other ideas as to how you can be involved with us, please contact us.