Online Education

We conduct online education using the Pragmatic Empowerment Training (PET) methodology and content described elsewhere and, in general, using or Skype.

Training and discussion groups usually take place weekly for about two hours.  These may be regional, national, and/or international in scope.

Group size is limited to 10.  We would prefer to have two smaller groups rather than one large one.  This allows for better discussion and practice.

We are capable of conducting education in English, Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian, German, Dutch, and conceivably in French.

We find that, while there are disadvantages to people not working with one another in person, there are many advantages to this method.  People from different regions can exchange knowledge, experience, and attitudes and can form networks to work together with similar issues.

The issues dealt with in such online education are discussed in the section on PET.  We also are willing to conduct webinars and web discussions and education on specific topics.

Please also see the section on blended education for further possibilities for training, seminars, and supervision.

To request an online course or seminar, please contact us using the information or the form in the Contact Us part of the About Us