The Video Education Project

The aim of this project is to provide short (10 minute) video lessons to people who cannot otherwise find training and/or for whom such training is too expensive.  These video lessons can be viewed on mobile devices.  While the lessons are copyright to the CWWPP, they are free to download for non-profit purposes for individuals and organizations.  They may not be used for commercial purposes without the express permission of and payment to the CWWPP.  Contractual arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis.  The same is true of governmental organizations and semi-governmental organizations (“quangos”).

The videos are (will be) organized into modules.

We strongly advise you to work with others and to discuss the material contained in the videos together.  We are willing to organize online groups to assist in learning the material (see elsewhere on this website).  Please contact us with regard to this.

Certificates of completion may be obtained after the completion of each module upon the completion of a test.  For that, you must register here.

We welcome suggestions for specific topics for further videos.  Please write to us.

We also welcome volunteers to assist us in translating the videos into new languages.  Again, please contact us.

Video Lessons Currently Available
(no video lessons are currently available.  We will publish them here as they are completed.)