Tko smo mi

We are a committed bunch of people. Some get a very basic remuneration, Some do without. But we are all brought together by the need to do something to alleviate and heal the trauma of war in the former republic of Yugoslavia after the early 1990s. Now more than 25 years after starting working with refugees and civilian and military victims of war, we are beginning to look at challenges in other parts of our world.


We are also advised, helped and supported by a number of groups and individuals from all parts of the globe, some of whom are listed under Associations here.

Meet the Team

All people within the Coalition for Work with Psychotrauma and Peace are volunteers and receive only remuneration of their costs.

Dr. Charles Tauber

Function Within the CWWPP

Head of Mission
General responsibility for the organization
Teaching of “barefoot” therapy and peacebuilding
Work with clients
Founder and Board member


BA in physics from Reed College, Portland, Oregon, USA
Qualification as physician from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Various post-graduate training courses
Work in non-governmental organizations on a variety of social causes since 1966
Work with traumatized people, especially asylum seekers and refugees, since 1988

Sandra Marić

Function Within the CWWPP

Deputy  Head of Mission
Second in command of the organization
Responsibility for fundraising
Primary researcher


Masters in sociology from the University of Zagreb
Extensive work with the care and teaching of children and youth
Volunteering with the CWWPP since 2006

Nikolina Imrić

Function Within the CWWPP

Administrative Assistant


General education

Vanja Cvančić

Function Within the CWWPP

Assistant to the Head of Mission

Brandon - Assistant Therapist

Bear - Assistant Therapist

We include Brandon and Bear as Assistant Therapists for good reason. Animals give unconditional love and attention. They are extremely good with traumatized people. Frequently, traumatized people cannot relate to other human beings, and feel threatened by them. Animals can provide contact and love. People can talk to animals and feel them. There are exceptions, of course, such as when people have been tortured or threatened using animals. We have seen very good results with many of our clients.