Who we are


Since 1995, we have been working onsite in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as online in other places, with the psychological issues of the victims of war and other traumas created by human beings.

We also are strongly committed to assisting asylum seekers and those working with them.

We believe that work with psychological trauma is a prerequisite to creating peace, to (re-) integration, and to preventing violence in the future.

Meet the Team

Function Within the CWWPP

Head of Mission

Dr. Charles Tauber

Function Within the CWWPP

Deputy  Head of Mission
Sandra Marić

Function Within the CWWPP

Assistant to the Head of Mission

Vanja Cvančić


Giving Permission

  CHARLES DAVID TAUBER, M.D. Giving permission to one’s self and to other people is one of the most important concepts that I use with clients. Many people don’t do it. I’ll explain this on the basis of some people whom I’ve seen. Males are particularly vulnerable to not giving themselves permission. Males “are not […]

Commemoration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday 15 January is celebrated as Martin Luther King Day in the USA. 4 April will be the 50th anniversary of his assassination. In many respects, this commemoration is ironic considering King’s relationship to the “establishment”. King stood up for what he believed. That belief was religious and moral. It showed respect for other human […]

The Departure of UNTAES

15 January 2018 marked 20 years since the United Nations Transitional Administration for Eastern Slavonia, Baranya, and Western Sirmium (UNTAES) left the region. They had started their work in January 1996. I was in the region for the entire period of their existence. The substance of this blog is my memories and impressions of the […]

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